I'm so lost and stressed out more than be…

I'm so lost and stressed out more than before. I have no idea what’s going on I have no idea what to do. People on twitter talk about doing something and then other people say it’s not right and then others say it’s the right thing and it’s very confusing idk what to do.

I don’t know what to do either, anon. We’re walking in unfamiliar territory, and the lack of input on Starship’s part has made the waters very murky. This is my understanding of what’s happening:

  • Starship removed Wonho from both the official Korean and Japanese websites. There still hasn’t been an official statement.
  • Starship’s continued silence is starting to seriously upset kmbb. There is talk about potentially boycotting SSE.
    • It is important to note that this is speculation. The account that posted this is not representative of all KMBB and has a fairly small following.

(via Muro930301)

  • OP argues that SS is corrupt, that SS doesn’t care about their artists, and that SS has already given up on Monsta X and Wonho.

These are all valid points. I understand the reasoning behind it, but there are a lot of reasons why boycotting is a VERY bad idea (please note that I am not a lawbebe, and all of these opinions are my own):

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bon voyage camera operators never interfere. bags left behind, passports lost, keys and combinations forgotten and lost, members stranded in foreign countries, and they don’t say a damn word, just keep on filming. they’re like national geographic photographers

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